Our First Promise to You

We believe that good, timely communication is necessary and will result in a more successful and efficient transaction with you and all parties involved in the buying or selling of your home.

Therefore, we will strive to:

Embrace our primary communications systems by effectively using our telephone/cell phone, fax machine, internet, and e-mail communications tools.

Respond to or acknowledge all voice, printed and electronic messages we receive that same day, or in all cases within no more than 24 hours.

When necessary, inform those attempting to communicate with one of us, our inability to respond in a timely fashion through the use of our voice mail message, our email “out -of-office”, or other viable means. Since we are a team, this would be rare that we would all be unavailable for an extended period of time.

Arrive on time for scheduled meetings, start and finish meetings on schedule and show respect to meeting presenters and participant’s and their time constraints.

Respond to requests for information and or materials by the deadlines that have been established.

Be considerate of the needs of others by communicating to those who need the information.

Better Results Come from Effective Communication