“We trusted our realtor and her team implicitly”

“We trusted our realtor and her team implicitly”
This is from a thank-you letter I wrote Dayna after the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home:

Dear Dayna, Kelly, Kendall, Shannon, Mike, and any others who helped, Thank you SO much for all that each of you did to help sell our house, from the initial “what to do’s” to today’s closing. There were so many steps along the way that each of you has such in-depth knowledge of, that we felt taken care of the whole time. When we had questions, we’d say to each other, “Just ask Dayna and team”, so often during the process.

If any of you ever has doubts that you (or your work) are integral to the lives of others, put those doubts away. This move, for us, represents a new phase of our lives that will be easier on our health, super convenient, and brings us into a new community that has already welcomed us warmly. You each played a role in this! “Changing homes, changing lives” is so TRUE for you all, and a perfect motto for Dayna in particular.

As Dave just said to a friend a little while ago, “We trusted our realtor and her team implicitly”, and he’s so right. You are each amazing! That we got a higher-than asking price, 4 offers in total, 25+ showings in 4 days, 60 people at the open house, was because of each of you.

Dayna, you’ve built an amazing team and we commend you for each and every choice you’ve made to make it come together as you have. We each look forward to referring you on to everyone even thinking about selling or buying real estate!

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $275k in Maple Grove, MN.

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